Turkmenistan and Great Britain signed a number of bilateral documents

The 4th meeting of the Romanian-Turkmen Working Group on Cooperation in the field of transport was held

Участникам Международного выездного форума по привлечению иностранных инвестиций в нефтегазовую отрасль Туркменистана в городе Париж Французской Республики

Belarus intends to create its own operating system, browser and office suite

Boeing to launch self-driving flying taxis in Asia by 2030

В политехнической средней профшколе агентства «Туркменарагатнашык» состоялся тренинг по кибербезопасности

China Southern Airlines increases the number of flights from Ashgabat to Urumqi

A cultural program dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Turkmen classic Magtymguly has been launched in Ankara

Туркменский дипломат обсудил с Генсекретарем СНГ заседание Совета глав правительств СНГ в Ашхабаде

Президент Туркменистана провёл рабочее совещание по цифровой системе

The transport and logistics services market is developing in Turkmenistan

In Turkmenistan, the number of private companies and individual entrepreneurs operating in the market of transport, logistics and forwarding services is growing. The new members of the Turkmen Logistics Association were the following companies: Maksatly Türkmen Garaýyş, Gaýra, and Gurnama Hyzmat. This was reported by the publication “Turkmenistan: Golden Age”.

Economic Society "Maksatly Türkmen Garaýyş" (MTG) is a company that has extensive experience in working with various types of cargo and provides cargo transportation services to almost anywhere in the world. The company also provides customs clearance and warehousing services.

Economic Society "Gaýra" is a Turkmen transport and forwarding company specializing in road freight transportation.

Economic Society "Gurnama Hyzmat" - the company's activities are focused on such areas as civil and industrial construction, provision of repair and maintenance services for sea vessels, underwater technical work, construction of hydraulic structures, logistics and cargo forwarding.