Microsoft will integrate an assistant with artificial intelligence into the Windows 11 sidebar

Microsoft continues to integrate artificial intelligence technology deeper into its products, changing the way people work and interact with computers.

Already in June, an AI assistant will be integrated into Windows 11, which will help users find answers to any questions, run processes on the computer and work with documents.

The Windows "Copilot" program will be built right into the operating system's sidebar, from where users usually manage new notifications.

In the Microsoft introductory video, the AI assistant is asked the question: "How can I adjust my system to do a better job?". In response, artificial intelligence immediately suggests using the built-in Windows program to focus attention by temporarily disabling notifications, as well as switching to a "Dark Theme" that will reduce eye strain and help you focus better.

Copilot will also help users work with documents of different formats on a computer — explain their meaning, rewrite in other words or give a summary.