Satellite TürkmenÄlem 52.0E is now 8 years old

April 28 marked the 8th anniversary of the launch in 2015 of Turkmenistan's first national communications satellite TürkmenÄlem 52°E. Since that moment, the satellite has been making a significant contribution to improving the quality of communication services provided in Turkmenistan, ensuring their availability.

The launch of a satellite owned by the "Türkmen hemrasy" has allowed the country to start broadcasting 11 TV and radio channels in high quality. The installation 2018 of the FSS Teleport HUB station based on the equipment of the Belgian company NewTec made it possible to provide VSAT services to organizations and various institutions of the country, including foreign enterprises. The VSAT satellite network allows you to connect remote offices, warehouses, and workplaces to the corporate network of the enterprise.

Thanks to the rental of transponders by foreign providers, about 120 TV and radio channels in Persian, Urdu, and Dari in SD and HD quality are broadcast from the national communication satellite.

In 2020, a DTH platform was installed on TürkmenÄlem 52°E, through which over 100 TV channels in different languages of the world were broadcast live.

It should be noted that for 8 years CJSC "Türkmen hemrasy" has concluded partnership agreements with 10 companies in the world that use the services of a national satellite.