Агентство «Туркменарагатнашык» и «Airbus» обсудили будущее сотрудничества

«Туркменарагатнашык» и «THALES SIX GTS France SAS» обсудили перспективы сотрудничества в области космоса

Туркменистан обнародовал планы по освоению газового месторождения Галкыныш

Turkmenistan and Great Britain signed a number of bilateral documents

The 4th meeting of the Romanian-Turkmen Working Group on Cooperation in the field of transport was held

Участникам Международного выездного форума по привлечению иностранных инвестиций в нефтегазовую отрасль Туркменистана в городе Париж Французской Республики

Belarus intends to create its own operating system, browser and office suite

Boeing to launch self-driving flying taxis in Asia by 2030

В политехнической средней профшколе агентства «Туркменарагатнашык» состоялся тренинг по кибербезопасности

China Southern Airlines increases the number of flights from Ashgabat to Urumqi

Turkmenistan and the ILO discussed prospects for cooperation at a round table

An interdepartmental round table was held in Ashgabat with the participation of a delegation of the International Labor Organization (ILO) led by regional director Beata Andres. The purpose of the event was to discuss the prospects for cooperation between the ILO and Turkmenistan, reports the press service of the Turkmen Foreign Ministry.

From the Turkmen side, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, public organizations, as well as other relevant ministries and departments took part in the round table. During the dialogue, participants shared their views on ways to address decent work issues in various sectors of the economy of Turkmenistan.

Particular attention was paid to the draft “Cooperation Road Map for 2024-2025” between the Government of Turkmenistan and the ILO. The document includes a number of priority steps for the speedy implementation of joint initiatives in the field of labor relations.

Following the round table, the parties expressed satisfaction with the constructive dialogue and readiness to continue cooperation.