Turkmenpost improves the work of the courier service

The postal service company "Turkmenpost" offers the people of Turkmenistan the delivery of parcels "from door to door". This service is carried out in line with the general policy of the company to improve the level of service to the population and introduce digital technologies into the work.

Using courier delivery, you can send a parcel or parcel across Turkmenistan without leaving your home.

"Turkmenpost" guarantees its customers the delivery of the item to any city or town in Turkmenistan within 2-3 days. Parcels are delivered personally to the adress. High service standards, experience and a well-functioning logistics system allow the company to deliver valuable parcels and important correspondence to recipients in the shortest possible time.

The popularity of courier services of the company is growing every day. Her clients are both individuals and individual entrepreneurs, as well as online stores, and large organizations.

This fact stimulates "Turkmenpost" to look for new opportunities for development, improve the quality of services. If necessary, the client can call a courier to his home or office, order packing and storage services, track the location of the parcel or other correspondence. The development of the e-commerce market has a positive effect on the development of courier services.

The Turkmenpost company, being a reliable and responsible executor, guarantees timely and safe delivery of correspondence. The service price is determined not only by the company's tariffs, it is also affected by the urgency of the order, the weight and type of shipment, and the distance to the recipient.

Recall that since March of this year, "Turkmenpost" has reduced the cost of courier delivery.

In order to use this service, it is enough to call the courier through the Chapar mobile application or by calling +993 12 92 14 95.