Year 2023 celebrated in Turkmenistan with festive celebrations

Turkmenistan celebrated the New Year 2023 with festive celebrations, which will be held in the country under the motto “Happy youth with Arkadag Serdar”, the State news agency reports.

In big and small cities, villages and towns, songs sounded, happy children circled in round dances near the beautiful Christmas trees. Cultural figures and art masters - popular pop singers, comedians, dance groups, theater artists of the country prepared their wonderful gifts - new songs, dance and musical compositions, various performances for the New Year's Eve.

The Turkmen capital celebrated the year 2023 in bright New Year's decorations with an unusual creative upsurge. Folklore and pop groups and performers performed in cultural and entertainment centers, parks and squares of Ashgabat. Thus, the program of concerts held on the square in front of the State Circus and in the capital's Ylham Park included performances by popular pop singers and young performers starting their way on the big stage - winners of prestigious creative competitions.

Traditionally, the center of the New Year's celebrations was the square in front of the cultural and entertainment center "Alem" ("Universe") in Ashgabat, where the country's Main New Year Tree, 43 meters high, was installed. Thanks to the efforts of decorators, a magical winter garden has been created here, where neon light creates an atmosphere of a winter miracle.

Closer to midnight, the hosts announced the start of a traditional festive teleconference linking Ashgabat with the administrative centers of all velayats of Turkmenistan on New Year's Eve. Each of the five Turkmen regions congratulated the country on the New Year and presented its musical number.

The culmination of the celebration was the New Year's address of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov on the air to the people of Turkmenistan. The head of state outlined the main milestones of the outgoing year, briefly described all spheres of the country's life and assessed the results of Turkmenistan's domestic and foreign policy over the past year.

“Let the New Year become a year of peace, happiness, great accomplishments and abundance!” the Turkmen leader said, finishing the New Year's address to the people of the country.

The grandiose colorful fireworks became the final chord of the New Year's holiday. To the delight of adults and children, he colored the night sky over Ashgabat with thousands of bright constellations.